In the specifications in the chart above, we see ‘one volt rms’ given for the sound card’s headphone output and ‘two volts rms’ given for the line level output. Did you check their site for updates? Disable the onboard soundcard and reinstall the soundblaster, then asio4all. EvilNick , Sep 19, Schedule recordings to start automatically.

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It would be a very curios comparison, and would really open up the selection for anyone looking for an external audio solution.

I read the mobile version of the article and most of the images were from a different review. If you have a laptop without optical connectivity or you wish to add additional digital ports to your existing desktop PC setup, the X-Fi HD USB’s digital input and output connectivity would be a vreative that would interest you.

This is probably the most affordable and flexible: Perhaps you can sell it on eBay to somebody who needs a card for gaming and watching videos, then put the proceeds towards a “real” interface.

I cant point to a single issue where I noticed it.

Since recording and quality were a focus for the card, we opted to maximize and optimize support for the bit method since this allows recordings in particular those at a softer volume level to have more room to “breathe” and stay above the noise floor This card is not capable of 5. Not a bad card as it is multi purpose. And how about the Control Panel’s Sound thingy?


Creative X-FI HD USB Sound Card Review @ [H] | [H]ard|Forum

Intel Architecture Day. EvilNickSep 19, I’ve been working on this for six days now. Probably asoi, because these are things that the vast majority of us wouldn’t even notice after they’ve been pointed out. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD Sound Card Audio Driver 1.02.0021a

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Schedule recordings to start automatically. Besides the songs that I posted, I listened to my entire music collection over the month that I spent with the product.

On my integrated card i have some noise etc on line in input so im happy that i dont have it on this card, but i thought that when I could set output from soundblaster maybe i could have some smaller latency.

Disable the onboard soundcard and reinstall the soundblaster, then asio4all. Have you adio disabling the onboard soundcard and using the soundblaster as the default.

From the Creative Website:.

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD USB 1240

Sep 19, 9. We have updated audio drivers that will allow you to enjoy the ultimate in Sound Blaster performance in Windows 8. Post 4 of 5. I have to use an integrated card’s output for example for monitoring input when i want to hear in real time input signal. Some players make clicks and pops when it changes these rates. Also tapping “full version” link just looped me back to the mobile main page.


A new decent audio interface is the creativs step to glory. Set the optimum recording level with the automatic source level analysis feature. Your name or email address: The signal to noise ratio wsio for the card is decibels.

sound blaster x-fi surround pro usb asio – Home Recording forums

Im hoping to upgrade speakers soon. Jun 26, at EarlKeimSep 21, The specifications for the product’s chipset can be found on Creative’s OEM website.

TuesdaySeptember 20, Creative’s latest sound crewtive is an external model that sports a USB interface and boasts high quality digital, analog, and dedicated headphone connectivity options.