Our FlexMaster is placed behind a firewall. If the managed devices are behind the NAT, the updates to the devices will be completed at the next scheduled interval. Direct device access and detailed client troubleshooting Instant and secure access to Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi products as well as detailed client data over the Internet or any private IP network. All products distributed are inter-operable, providing complete solutions with powerful upgradeable seamlessly integrated capability. FlexMaster uses industry standard protocol TR to communicate with the managed devices. IT managers and providers can create unique Service Level Agreements for each client or department in order to offer revenue generating services.

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What is the packaging format of FlexMaster? DS Ruckus M Popular. Notify Enhanced Ruckus Why Ruckus? Simple to install, and easy to use with an intuitive look and feel, FlexMaster provides a comprehensive solution for configurationfault detection, audit, and performance management.

Complete, End-to-End, Wi-Fi Service Administration FlexMaster is the first complete management service platform that lets providers securely control, monitor, and upgrade Smart Wi-Fi systems anywhere in the world, whether over the Internet or a private IP network. These group names become available from the Dashboard and when you need to perform firmware upgrades, configuration changes, etc.

No, FlexMaster does not sit on the data path. DS Ruckus H Popular.


Enabling Managed Services With FlexMaster service providers create unique configuration parameters on a bulk basis, and can load different versions of firmware for each customer. FlexMaster supports two types of login.

FlexMaster software to manage up to AP’s. Powerful Provisioning The Provisioning View is a powerful tool that gives administrators the option to permanently save the configuration of each device. Support for FlexMaster5 Year. Not at this time. This file should contain serial number, model number, customer ID, and unique password for authentication in a CSV format. The devices can be tagged into different groups for example, access points for hot spot chain, access points for hotel chain, flexmastef points for Northern City, etc.

Fitting seamlessly into existing operational support systems OSSFlexMaster is ideal for telecommunication carriers, multi-service operators, and broadband providers looking to monetize Wi-Fi services in growing new services markets, including hotspots, hotzones, home spots, and IPTV services.

FlexMaster – UC Wireless

In the event a user resets a pre-configured Wi-Fi device from the provider, the configuration can be restored to a known state quickly and easily without user intervention. Support Renewal for FlexMaster3 Year. It is tlexmaster recommended that you backup the underlying MySQL database from time to time. How to split them into five groups? This enables remote flexmastef to devices on the LAN that normally might be inaccessible due to network address translation issues.

Support Renewal for FlexMaster5 Year. FlexMaster allows administrators to view remote environments, bulk configure and manage groups of devices, securely monitor and manage Wi-Fi services.


FlexMaster is a fully-featured, intuitive Wi-Fi management platform for all sizes of enterprises. Support for FlexMaster1 Year. How do I restore FlexMaster in case of hardware crash?

In the case that the communication between FlexMaster and the managed devices is interrupted, all data traffic continues without discontinuity. TR is a Broadband Forum Wide Area Network standard that defines an application layer protocol for remote management of end-user devices.

Ruckus ZoneDirector Controllers

The FlexMaster can manually initiate instant communication, or schedule tasks to be performed at an opportune time. Further Product Information General.

The Provisioning View is a powerful tool that gives administrators the option to permanently save the configuration of each device. What protocol is used between FlexMaster and the managed devices? FlexMaster uses industry standard protocol TR to communicate with the managed devices. The CD is shipped with simple instruction for installation on a customer flexmasher hardware.

Secure access with remote SSL Client throughput data such as connectivity throughput, connectivity status, signal quality, etc. FlexMaster Premium Support – 1 Year.