Pressure-sensitive Technology With excellent pressure sensitivity, the drawing pen can sense tiny pressure from light hand. Or pay only P a Month for 12 months. The pro of the Art Masters are as follows: PenSign User may use PenSign to leave autograph in Microsoft Office documents, and it looks just like the signature on paper. The tips provided are all equal and similar to the standard nib of Wacom, just a bit thicker. Not exactly what you want? Writing Test With this test I wanted to see how the two tablets behave against a write-in block.

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Hanvon Art Master AM0906 9″ X 6″ Gaphics Tablet W Pen & Stand Bundle.

The quality of the review is excellent indeed: Mastr Restricted functionality Lacks extra features. China mica medium China contrast medium China indian medium grain rice.

The ambidextrous Hanvon Art Master III Medium boasts cordless, battery-free pen technology which is lightweight and great without the unwanted hassles of wires for easier dexterity of use. During hanon, I superimposed the paper to the tablet in order to use the sketch on paper as fast track to replicate it for the test. The active surface is covered with an opaque layer which seems smooth to the touch but has a slight roughness that makes the flow of the nib pleasant. Before receiving the tablet I had a little searching on the Maser about news related to Hanvon.

The tests were carried out using a 4: There is a European website from which you can download drivers for their devices.

The tablets are set in such a way that the ratio between the screen and the used area of the tablet are 1: Following are two test using Art Rage and Painter 12 for the sole purpose of checking the functionality of capture of the inclination of the pen. I have not however found in the package any expensive paperweight.


Hanvon ArtMaster AM Professional Graphic Tablet | Asianic Distributors Inc. Philippines

Not only that, there’s no nib remover, but worry not: For the first time I was confused to chose between Intous and Art Master 3 but now I know what the pros and cons. Just like cars you have Honda, Nissan, Msater their almost all the same and get you were you gotta go whats the big deal.

And you’re so lucky to still have it. During testing, I superimposed the paper tablet to fix it with scotch tape and tried to repeat the lines using a ruler and moving the pen quickly each line is drawn in a period of about 1 maser. When you decide to sell it some hold a better value than others LOL.

Wacom — Intuos 3: Your amazing you broke down what I have been loking for thanks, I always had my eyes on the manufacture because I know their had to be a secondary option. You have to ignore the fact that the intersections are not always accurate: Touch Strip Finger-sensitive Touch Strips allow you to quickly scroll, zoom, change brush size, and more.

I remember that Wacom has nibs that come in all shapes, capable of satisfying the cravings of the most huge fetish of the tablet …. The impression is similar to that which is working on the surface of a Intuos 3, only a hair less smooth and rougher. As luck would have it though, an authorised dealer added it to their ebay store http: Incidentally I believe that this beautiful paperweights can be placed on the tablet and used as a mouse. Last week, the courier arrived with a packet of rather interesting size… the content, you already know, was the Hanvon tablet — Art Master III.


Here again we notice some differences … However, these are due more to my hand than to differently performance of the tablets. Technical Specifications Model No. Regarding pleasure to use and practical use, there were no noticeable differences with the Wacom counterpart. Opening the pen stand in the same way as the Intuos4’s reveals six identical replacement nibs — which is fine if you like the way the nib feels across the tablet’s surface, but we would have liked some alternative nibs.

Cordless and Battery-free Pen Technology The drawing pen is light weighted and easy to use without unwanted hassle of batteries or wires. Mini sketch With this test I wanted to see how the two tablets behave against a very simple sketch. Manufacturing, ergonomics and size are very reminiscent of those of the Intuos 3 … you can get some idea by looking at the figure below the two on top are two Hsnvon 3 Grip Pen well, one is from my Cintiq and those below are those supplied by the Art Master III The tips provided are all equal and similar to the standard nib of Wacom, just a bit thicker.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write this review. I refer you to the official websites for the comparison of specifications.