Perhaps even more so because she came with a pair of leather straps and already had two pals in the ring. If he just believed it himself. Even the previous night, Davie tried to et the jump on James Storm and he was brutally floored. Wrestling is beautifully odd sometimes. I cannae explain the science behind it giving me a semi to you, I can just assure you it does. Dead set on eviscerating anyone who dares to cross his path.

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Back elbows from all angles. They stxr to see him. The Square Go is always brilliant fun but this year everything felt like it mattered.

Wrestler Spotlight: Jody Fleisch

Rivals in the ring they will always be. A fantasy land driven by real emotions. They were there to drink beer and throw each other into stuff and after a brief trip to the bar, where Jester called a halt to proceedings to order them a round, they tanned them quickly and suddenly the beer was all finished. Nae fluke, thats HER title now. Echo caught the bold yin going up top for some kinda twisty moonsault nae doubt, and instead turned it into a release German that sent Fleisch flying, but mere moments later Fleish had hit a beauty of a springboard tornado DDT to bring an absolute skelper of an opening contest to an end.

At times it felt like the a plucky wee scrapper having a pop at the school bully.



Knocking down everyone within a 10 mile radius in the process. Being a pair of cheeky bastards. As entertaining as the entrance videos were, the best version of Hendry flfisch me is this vicious bastard. This was another cracker.

If I were a wrestler and was back in the back planning the match and my opponent said to me “and then I’m gonna do a springboard shooting star piledriver,” I’d say “whoa, there, big fella.

Views Read Edit View history. So many of their pals being in danger must have awoke DCT and Adam Shame from their post victory slumber, as they rushed the ring to take Bird and Board out the equation.

Jody Fleisch is seemingly incapable of anything else. For me the best match The Kinky Party have had as champions and even up there with their match with Polo Promotions before they got the titles. A revved up figure emerged.

Giving his opponent a scheme bootin a night before sfar main event the joody show of their lives together is exactly what Stevie is all about.

Look at that photo above. Perhaps even more so because she came with a pair of leather straps and already had two pals in the ring. They all laid into Whiplash with boots before Ravie Davie came out for some unexpected hauners. Him and Jackie came face to face in what was briefly a tense moment before they joined forces to eliminate big Iestyn.


It felt like a match that will propel Aaron Echo to massive things. I still think I had never seen his springboard shooting star piledriver he supposely had at one point.

The wrestling does the talking for him. They were that convincing that night, but it was never going to be the end. Its been far too long. Maybe even better cause when he pulled off mad shit back then it was a bit more understandable. This isnae some American sport where someone can buy a team and move them wherever they want for the fuck of it, this is Glasgow and the Square Go belongs to Glasgow.

Taking advantage of Lou King Sharp and Kriegers distractions to back rake and forearm Davie until he was seeing wee birdies floating above his heid.

It was all going to plan…. The hoattest tag in professional wrestling history.

Jody Fleisch

So many big shows have been and gone with other folk having the biggest moment. That left the picture a wee bit clearer for the man with the ultimate advantage. Feisch went for a springboard suhin but got caught with a kick to the gut putting Kay Lee Ray in the ascendancy despite the fact Kasey pulled her arm aff moments earlier.